DiscoveryBox is very useful to do homework research on History and I love doing the Science experiments!”

Matthew, 10.

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A journey of discovery through nature, science and history
April 2014

Zoom in: An expedition to the tropics
Join 200 scientists who travelled to Papua New Guinea to find and study insects and plants. Their visit lasted several months.

Pics & Facts: An adventure on two wheels
The Tour de France is a very exciting cycling race. Come and take part in the first ever Tour in 1903!

Wild Life: Mosquito attack!
These insects are very annoying with their buzzing and their biting. But what do they look like close up?

World View:
Discover today’s world in photos.

Lots of interesting info about nature, science, history…

Do it yourself:
Travel: Follow one boy and his family on their trip around the world!
Experiment: Make biodegradable rafts to send a message from your desert island…

+ Lots more:
Fun cartoons, games, pet care, your jokes and drawings!

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